Thursday, February 2, 2012

busy unschool week

I have been letting go ever so lightly to more of our "structured" stuff now that we arent in a charter. I started "strewing" books around from the library that wernt getting picked up. This is a BIG deal for me because I am kinda anal about stuff all over the house. But I wanted to see what would happen with thse books everywhere. No surprise at all, they are being READ! Also Tami is reading chapter books now! do I think she is actually READING them? eh probably not, but this is what she said to me this morning when I asked her about the junie b jones books she was checking out from the library. I asked her, "are these books for YOU to read yourself?" and she said "well YEAH least Im gonna try!" this is from the girl who last year couldnt remember all her letter sounds!! I let go and let God with her. and in her own time and in her own way she joyfully in reading. I still think there is "something" with that girl. But what benefit would there be in testing her or labeling her special ed? She isnt going to be tested in a classroom, so she doesnt need "special attention: for that. Her first experiences with that kind of stuff will be in highschool and by that time the labels wont matter. I cant believe we spent a whole year with the special ed services drudging through red tape for nothing! they wouldnt even test her for LD's!