Monday, January 23, 2012

what do you do with anti-unschoolers?

How do you deal with the nay-sayers? the frienemies and the friends who just do things differently? I am working though a few of these right now. Loving friends and "neighbors" who are "concerned" that my children aren't "doing" school. I try to be pretty gauge with outsiders on what my kids do every day until I can figure out why they are asking. If the REALLY want to know, then I REALLY tell em! I don't feel weird talking about our families lack of curriculum styles or need to paperwork each day. The workbox system gives me a rash and I am repelled by most boxed sets. And I don't have problem telling people! non-homeschoolers don't have a clue so we are gentle with them, but since I run a co-op and a curriculum lending library from my garage I come into contact with traditional homeschoolers on a daily bases. I have been getting a lot of questions about our style as of late...more than usual actually. I am seeing a lot of stressed, dejected, overwhelmed and anxious homeschoolers coming through my doors. And here I stand in sweats with a BIG smile on my face and no new wrinkles from worrying over my curriculum syllabus etc. Now mind you I do not hit others over the head with MY way of homeschooling or how MY way is the best , most awesome way to live...its just OBVIOUS! So questions always arise..questions like " why is your 13 yr old in the back yard with the 3 yr old playing ball instead of doing his homework" Or why are all your kids at the park...its during school!" etc etc. I usually use it as an excuse to plug unschooling, but lately I have been getting looks of horror from other like I am ruining them for life or something! its very strange, and I am pretty sure I have lost a few friends over our choices. I didn't realize it at first, but I have noticed a few charlotte masoners in my area that have been very absent from our homeschool activities. I guess the classes aren't structured enough! lol! But on the flip side, being honest with our choices has brought more interested and desperate homeschoolers closer to peace with relaxing their schedules or curriculum or even taking the plunge into unschooling so I say keep sticking your nose out there...yeah it might get chopped off, OR you might just make a new friend for life!!


  1. I am still new to all this myself, but I have to say that even after only a couple of months, both my sons are doing lightyears better with this unschooling concept than they have done with anything else. My oldest has started taking off and actually enjoys learning again (his short run with a local public school was abusive and stifling for him sadly...) and my youngest is finally starting to learn AND retain :) That's so big for him because he has always struggled with both and he's finally making progress. :)

    Definitely sticking with the unschooling for as long as it keeps working and I can keep doing it. :) And as far as the reactions from others? Most of the family and "friends" in my world have already turned on me or turned their backs on me and my children due to their special needs and Autism so at this point I really don't care what they think about my descision with the unschooling. :)

    Thanks for sharing this. :)

    1. you GO girl! There are a LOT of us out there, do not despair! find a group of more "relaxed" homeschoolers to hang out with. I LOVE my online community. sometimes that is the only place where I can express myself and get the support that I need. We are ALL here for you!