Saturday, January 7, 2012

unschooled christmas

what a year and what a chirstmas! we have pretty much fallen off of the traditional road now. Joyfully into the unschool path. SO much relief lies there. My kids are so happy. They love learning...that was always my goal. We still have math most days, but hey pretty much have a say in what kind of math it will be. the girls are using teaching textbooks for now, but Jonah who is in 8th grade has lost interest with it and is using more living math books. Right now he is in Everest math, which is supposed to me used in a classroom environment with a group, but he loves the logic problem solving requirements and the hands on building it requires...I say go for it!! He is all into astronomy, so we got him a new telescope for christmas. Yea! I am just as excited to use it as he is! we had a fun filled holiday filled with lots of traditions both new and old. We do the "Jesse tree" now. and the daily stories to go along with it. WE also have been doing what we call "ding, dong, ditch Santa" which is leaving present and treats for families who need a little extra Christmas cheer and ringing the doorbell and running away! the best!! The girls are enjoying reading, drawing and writing a lot these days...Turns out a big white board is magical for littles1 I can't get them away from it!! My 3 yr old is addicted to the television..what else is new. At least its nick jr right?? I can say he is learning!! LOL! Things are going along at a quick pace. Unbelievable that 2011 is already gone. I need to write more :)

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