Thursday, January 26, 2012

unschool reading

My 2 youngest girls are learning to read together. They are almost 3 years apart but probably only 1 "grade" apart in skill. My middle girl learns at her own pace, which is much slower than the "standards based learning" I really had to learn to pull back and let go of the strings and let her learn at a pace that felt comfortable to her. This was all new to me. My first children were ready to read at around 5 or before. We took it slow and steady and they learned at a quick pace. Tami on the other hand just stalled and it always turned into a crying tantrum. I KNEW this was BAD. The last thing I wanted her to feel about reading was that it wasnt fun or interesting. So I backed off and let her do her own thing. I left fun books out everywhere and read to her whenever she wanted. She is now 8 1/2 and reading at a solid 1st grade level. Yes that is "behind" but that just seems to be how God made her. She is our turtle! I know when she is 30 it wont matter that she was 2 grades behind in school. AND I succeeded in keeping her love of reading in tack. Hannie her baby sister is "normal" in her development and will probably lap her sister in a few subjects is she keeps going. My prayer for Tami is that the Lord protects her spirit from outside attacks. Other children, sunday school teachers, parents and even my frustration at times. Thank you LORD that she is special and unique. The most fantastic child!

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