Friday, January 27, 2012


how cool is THAT??!! that right we went on a field trip with only other USers!! that has never happened before for us, it was SO nice to be with other families who view education the same way we do. We went to the Hilmar Cheese Factory for a tour and ice cream making. Then after we had some time to chat and hang out and the kids played outside. What a wonderful afternoon just being with other people who think like you do, a place where you can be totally honest and upfront. Now not get me wrong, I hang out all the time with "regular" homeschooers and even PSers. But you always have to be careful what you say/dont say so as to not start "the conversation" unless you REALLY like getting into it with others. Me...Im not always a fan. We got to excahnge thoughts and ideas, lift each other up and support each other. I walked away on cloud nine

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