Tuesday, January 17, 2012

nature walk

The girls decided this afternoon to go on a nature walk! Its freezing outside! One of the coldest days of the season so far. and CLEAR out side. I think the only nature they will find is starlings and dead trees! But they went and made a list of everything they saw. Micah wanted to practice her cursive writing. they filled a few pages with stuff! Can I read it...no, but they can! lol! Jonah is still on his minecraft thing, BUT today was the first day of his online astronomy course. He was SO excited! He spent 2 hours on the computer talking to the other students and the teacher. I dont really know what they were doing but it sounded educational! The girls spent some time giving each other mani-pedis. We created something entirely new for dinner with about 3 or 4 leftovers. Leftover casserole! The kids said they liked it! You cant go wrong with cheesy topping I always say!

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