Monday, January 9, 2012

minecraft day

Jonah is HOOKED! I can hardly get him off of the computer! I am kinda tired of it now, but thanks to the other Christian Unschoolers I am starting to realize how creative etc this program is! so many neat things you can do with this! and the CU server is so neat. Jonah is enjoying hanging out with all of his new friends. It is keeping busy doing that and checking youtube for mine craft videos. Tami is all over the reading and writing words on the magic white board. Hannah is teaching Isaiah his numbers and letters. Its SO cute! Micah is on restriction for a while for being naughty. It seems that when that happened, she kinda stopped wanting to do anything but read books and write. Im OK with that :) I am in the beginning of a BIG lifestyle hang and that keeps me pretty busy. But Im trying to remember to blog more about our day so I can remember what we do every day!

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