Monday, January 16, 2012


I cannot get my 13 yr old to do anything else! I undserstand that its normal for people to have interests that consume them. I am trying to keep him to an hour or 2 a day but sheesh! He would eat in front of the computer and sleep with it if I let him! I prefer a more well rounded day. I am so not in my comfort zone of knowing what to do here. I am flying blind. But I feel at peace when I bring this to the Lord in prayer. He knows what He is doing here. I am working on stepping back and allowing God to work in his life. but I still wont let him sleep with the computer :)


  1. im in the same boat, i see what he is learning and its amazing,do alittle research, it is educational maybe you have an engineer in the making!!

    1. yeah you never know! Im am just trying to keep everything in moderation, but it is hard when you have a burning passion right? lol!