Friday, January 20, 2012

manic fridays

Every good intention....right? I always wake up thinking that all will go well, it will run smoothly. All will be completed! Wellllll it does not always happen. My ds had a neck ache. He need a trip to the chiropractor, so off we go. math for him?? no way. and he thinks I have forgotten! HA! my dad who lives with us part time was irritated that his room was used for house guests with out him knowing ( guess in hindsight I should have asked first) I banned mine craft for the afternoon, you would have thought Jonah was going to DIE! he survived, and so did his braincells. the kids played a few board games nicely together instend. Micah is still on restriction so she has basically been in the house all the time, but she is making fairly good use of her time. I note she behaves so much better when she isn't around all her friends all the time. The pleasant nice girl I remember comes out for a visit! I am really starting to see that too much socialization for her is NOT a good thing. Tami is enjoying her Bernstein bears book we got for the lending library, and speeding through the teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons. Hannie is learning to count by 2's and more addition. she is also learning to read but at her own pace. We read from "window on the world" today, I LOVE that book!

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