Thursday, December 8, 2011

the boy REALLY likes astronomy

I couldnt be happier...tickle me PINK! He has become obsessed with the stars...he knows words that I have never heard. He is doing college based math on quasars....but get this...he hasnt even completed grade 7 math yet!! He kinda veered off of the Teaching Textbooks a while back an onward towards anything astronomy math related. I explained that a lot of this may be over his head and he will need to be patient etc. no problem...he has no problem spending HOURS figuring out a difficult problem to get the right answer to a equation about the distance between the earth and a particular star far, far away etc etc etc. LOVIN IT!! He has also taken to writing "essays" of star related things...go figure! It turns out you dont have to TEACH writing if the student actually wants to write!! I always knew this, but now I have PROOF!

And the branch from the 'essays' from the boy are that the girls are now wanting to write "essays" for themselves...or stories etc. I dont know how long this train will last but Im riding it to the station! All this, today anyway, happened while I wasnt even home...I LOVE unschooling!

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