Wednesday, November 30, 2011

unschool 11/30/11

today we did the fourth day of advent, we read samuel ch 17 and read about old st nicholas on dec 6th. the kids each did a lesson of math. J has been diving into "astronomy Math" that we found on a website looking for some math that would tie into his love of astronomy. I wanted J to see what kind of math he will need if he goes to college to become a astronomer. we found this site as well as this one this is the pdf we downloaded that he is currently working through T worked with expanded notation. I have no idea what M did...she was upstairs. H did basic addition and shape finding. Then I worked lesson 1 in "how to teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons" with H and did the same with T only we started in lesson 8. she wasnt thrilled but I used this book with J and M and it I thought I would give it a try with her...we will see how it goes.
Then we cleaned up the downstairs to we could continue putting up christmas decorations. We are still working on that now...we are missing some boxes I think:)

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