Wednesday, November 30, 2011

free of charter...well almost

We left our charter!! after 6 years or so with a public charter, my 3 oldest are now under a private affidavit. CLAY academy is the name of our school and our motto is 2 cor 4:7..."we hold this treasure in jars of CLAY to show that this all consuming power is from God and not from us" I want to make CLAY an acronym for something....either biblical, family, or homeschool related but I cant think of anything yet. Its funny after my week or so of mourning about the loss of the funding from the charter, I feel so much FREEer kids are free as well1 no more silly worksheets stuffed a a random day etc so I can have something to show the more doing useless busywork for the cume file etc. its nice. My kinder gardener is still enrolled so we have a few $$ worth of funding, and we get to keep all of our stuff for now...But Im feeling the call of the wild now like never before...this may be our last year in a charter...we will see how it goes.

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