Wednesday, August 31, 2011

fun day :)

Today was such a good school day!! it turned out to be a very ordinary day, and its only 3:30 right now but I was just sitting and observing my kids this afternoon, thinking about our morning. First off, my hubbie and myself are making more of an effort to be present for our kids, we both noticed a trend of exaustion and irritation from both of us of late. we are TIRED!! and it shows. So we are making an effort to spend time in the morning before breakfast etc by ourselves and then with the family. This is new for us. The kids usually are on their own for bfast, and are free to do what they want until devotions at 10. Now we are eating or trying to eat as a family and do cleanup afterwards together. then we hang out till devotions and group time. We were actually ready for devotions at 9am!! COOL! we prayed for a church family as usual and today was the day we do 5 in a row, so we read "papa picolo" and did the art activity described in the book. We also read a chapter of the bible (judges 5 to be exact...learned about Deborah) then the kids all have a math to work on at their own pace, so they wandered off to do that. I read with little least 3 books about baby animals...he loves that. And did spelling, Rocket phonics, and Dianne Crafts visual sight words with T...all in all everyone had fun before lunch. Now the kids are playing school "teaching" the 5 and 3 yr olds. and the oldest is using the computer lego creator. And rhe girls are playing family game night on Wii....all is well, all is calm...homemade pizza and dessert twists for dinner, made with help from 2 kids. lovin it!!