Tuesday, July 5, 2011

what exactly IS unschooling anyway??

You know I think I like the title more for its shock value that anything....I am not really a fan of the word "unschool" it just sounds like "uncool" or something :) You know the "official" ramirez title for the way we live our life and learn should be something like "every day is a learning day and life is our classroom" but we use curriculum when it suits our needs? I dont think our family reallly fits well into any preformed idea of natural learning. but I DO think "natural learning" is the best way to describe unschoolers in general...and it sounds nicer too! I have been working through a charter school for years now...its becoming harder and harder to continue using them while educating our children in a way that suits our family without outright lying to them about what we are doing. So far I havent had to start lying, but I fear that with every passing year we may have to dissenroll. Now dont get me wrong, its not the end of the world for us to private school affidavit our kids, its just the end of funding for fun stuff like piano and karate and endless trips to rainbow resource and nasco for crafts and cool games etc.

J is going into 7th grade in our charter, a whole new world for us. They are saying that nothing will change and I hope that is true. I am very spoiled by the funding that we have recieved each semester and it has afforded us a cushy homeschool library etc. And this fall my sandwich girl will be able to get formal testging for a learning disability, which would be extremely difficult to get if we private schooled. So there is definate pluses to using a public charter. Still my heart is a bit torn, I think I would feel a bit more free and relaxed in what I know is right for my family if we had no one else to answer to. I wonder if I am REALLY as OK with it as I think I am?? It sounds wierd huh....to not really be sure houw you actually feel about something as important as your choice in home education, but Im not. Some days I am 100% and some days (like today) I'm feeling more like 40%. I think sometimes I would not require things of my children that I now ask if we private schooled. There probably wouldnt be any LA workbooks or programs after they learned to read if they didnt want them. but becuase I have to show my ES something each month, I have them use workbooks because its easier. Am I ompromising?? Yeah, probably....it it over the the line?? not today I guess. I think its probably still worth it. but I may change my mind tomorrow :0)

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