Wednesday, July 6, 2011

man...sometimes my kids are COOL :)

Ok, so, I was gone ALL day today at meetings with our area homeschool convention board....I know I know right?? an "UNSCHOOLER" on a Christian Homeschool Convention Staff?? ssshhhh.....dont tell em and I wont OK?? lol!

I get home, all hot and sweaty I might add, to find that my kids or at least the girls had been diligently working on making homemade storybooks. M has a 20 page story that she is illustrating page by page and T was working on a 10 page book. ( now remember T is th one who is REALLY struggling with learning issues right now so YEA for her!!) and little H was trying her best to remember her whole alphabet from heart with NO helps from sissies. All This was for ice cream. I think I created a monster!! I promised T some Baskin if she read a book all by herself yesterday because I had a free scooop coupon for her anyway. This created a vortex of language "stuff" where each kid was asking what they could do to earn Baskin as well. Well of course I had to come up with something!! And there was the Book making and alphabet learnin' and all the rest. I cant wait to see what a dinner date with dad will get me!! thats right, Im not ashamed to bribe my kids!!

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  1. I'm going to be unschooling this year under a homeschool charter school . . . it'll be interesting. Found your blog by the unschool link on sparkling adventures. My daughter has learning differences too . . . so . . . HERE GOES! Just wanted to say HI! Love the books your kids worked on! My boys like making comic books with stickers and drawing.