Tuesday, July 5, 2011

first day of school in July

we did "school" today, first time in a few weeks because of all the house stuff going on. I felt bad for Jonah because he had just started some hard new stuff in math before our unscheduled break and he had to start from scratch today because he had forgotten most of it :(

Leah Lambert Ramirez on the flip side both micah and jonah decided to do some writing on their won. I tolf Micah that I would take her for a scoop of ice cream if she finished her 20 page book she wanted to write, with correct punctuation I might add. We will see how far she gets this week :) and Jonah grabbed a thesaurus and picked about 20 "hard" words to spell and define. I told him he should make a comic strip using those words ....that should be interesting!! and Tami finished reading a REAL BOOK ...star wars jar jar makes a mistake. a level 1 reader. So she got to go for ice cream at BR (its her birthday scoop for free) but she need not know that. All in all a very good start to a very HOT day!!

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