Friday, September 10, 2010

where does the day go?

I swear some days it seems like I woke up only minutes ago and its already time to get the kiddoes to bed! I am truely blessed by these little mess makers...they sure do keep me busy! We had aour regular bookwork today as the kids havent quite finished their summer lang arts workbooks yet. BigM is almost done with her 4th grade one (she just started 3rd!!) so way to go for her! J is plowing through his 7th grade one. and SuperT just has to keep going till she can read and write well enough to do a reading/writing during project during english time. J is still wanting to use natural learning form math, and I still want to let him! but we are just not there yet in the year. Maybe when he finishes his grade for math that he is in. There is just too much other "life" stuff going on for ME to make sure he learns something! I know eventually this year we will get to it. till then 30 minutes of bookwork everyday wont kill him! We had the best day at the park this afternoon, it was beautiful and lots of friends were there. I miss going as much as we used to, but with the other co-op classes and park days we are going to, it doesnt leave much afternoon time to hang out at the park anymore.

We made homemade pizzas tonight and I took some more time this afternoon to quaduple the batch of pizza dough and freeze em. I hope that I will get at least 2 more meals out of the frozen dough. I also recieved a donated bucket of ripe tomatoes and since I didnt have all the ingredients for homemade salsa, I made homemade spagetti sauce but I put some poblanos from the garden in them to give em some pep!

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