Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"stick" with the stick

today started out as so many other days. Me screaming and yelling!! well I AM trying to NOT scream and yell so instead I have started a new parenting approach. Discipline. I know I know its as old as Adam right? Mu problem is that I am lazy....it is SO much easier to threaten and scream to get the kids to do what they are supposed to do than to speak quietly and carry a big stick. Well my stick might not be that big but I have been convicted again as of late to "stick" with the stick. So at 10:30 am, after I got back from the store and the morning chores were supposed to be done, I found to my surprise that it hadn't! SO instead of pulling out the lazy routine of "didn't I tell you...and why cant you listen.."etc etc I directed their attention to the undone chores and proceeded to explain that since they didn't finish their chores before devotions and reading, that they would be finishing them after devotions and were now grounded to "chore duty" for the rest of the day. I pulled out all of the odd and end chores from the binder that seem to get forgotten about and sent them to work. there was no yelling, I didn't even raise my voice. It was very matter of fact. A cause and effect discipline. Hopefully it was also a discipling of the children. Now I know that tomorrow I will be challenged again, and they will also be challenged. I just hope that I can remember NOT to be selfish and lazy when it comes to my children. If I love them, I will discipline them effectively.

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