Friday, September 10, 2010

spicy "sweet" peppers

its SO unfair!! that is the LAST time I buy seedlings from Home Depot!! I purchased several and I mean SEVERAL seedlings from HD in the spring to make up for the untimely death of over 1/2 of my babies before I could transplant them. I got butternut squash and sweet bell peppers among other things like tomatoes and other squashes. Well imagine my suprise when ALL of the squashes turned out to be zuichinni!! Not my favorite but oh well right? I hand planted some butternut and am now watching my babies grow! Imagine my dismay when after waiting for my peppers to bloom and grown and watching them emerge from their blooms, I see that they are in fact NOT sweet peppers AT ALL! I acually dont know what these tiny red and yellow peppers are but they are SO not sweet they are BIG TIME SPICY! total bummer. Now I will have to still get my peppers from Costco. My garden yeild is SO not as much as I wanted this year :0(

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