Monday, September 6, 2010

gearing up for another unschooling week

I am checking out this amazing blog..."life as a MOM" its so awesome!! She has such great ideas for organizing your cooking such as Once a month cooking for the new millenium
( this is so not your moms monthly casserole cooking) and lunch ideas for the kiddoes and easy breakfasts etc. It really get s my juices flowing but I dont know if I will EVER actually do it all. But I am sooo tired of not knowing what is for dinner each and every night, searching though the freezer to see what we have and dont have etc. I might just have to take the plunge! I know we are supposed to do some "school" this week, I am just not feeling it so we will see what happens. I am sure we will at least do some workbook stuff, and maybe we will spend the rest of the time in the kitchen. It is after all zone 2 week! Kitchen all week! Today although it was supposed to be a day of doin' nutin' DH and I ended up de mousing the dishwasher. ( yup found a live one on the glue trap...YUCK!!)thats the second one this year! Ah well we really have no one to blame but ourselves, we never did get around to closing up the holes behind the cabinets where the plumming came in. So while we were at it and just to make sure there wernt any other critters behind anything, we pulled out the fridge and the stove, cleaned behind them (double yuck), and filled the holes with that expandible stuff from Lowes! To see behind that stove you would have thought we had lived here for YEARS without cleaning! its only been about 6 months since we last pulled it out and scrubbed. geeerrooss! anywhoo, the kitchen is now rodent free once again ( hopefully it will stay that way!) Unfortunatly nothing else really got done this weekend but a lot happened! Oh well ce la vie!

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