Tuesday, September 14, 2010

banana bonanza

Since friends gave me about 20 lbs of RIPE bananas I had to "process" them before they went bad. I had several options. Freeze them whole or peeled, mashed and frozen, or make something up and freeze that. I chose the glory road. BAKE, BAKE, BAKE!!! I took pictures with my ancient digital because my 2 new cameras were either dead and needed recharging or their cards were full.

I was SO proud of myself baking and taking pictures for all of you to see and be proud of me too! You should have seen the oven! there wasn't an inch of space in that thing! I probably had 3 pans on each shelf and I have 3 shelves in the oven. I took pictures of the finished product all baked and beautiful. But you may never see these pictures because my camera is SO ancient that the memory card is gigantic and wont fit on any of my computers! ( we have 4 of all different sizes and ages!!) I took some pics on the other cameras but everything is all wrapped up already)

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