Tuesday, September 14, 2010

banana bonanza

Since friends gave me about 20 lbs of RIPE bananas I had to "process" them before they went bad. I had several options. Freeze them whole or peeled, mashed and frozen, or make something up and freeze that. I chose the glory road. BAKE, BAKE, BAKE!!! I took pictures with my ancient digital because my 2 new cameras were either dead and needed recharging or their cards were full.

I was SO proud of myself baking and taking pictures for all of you to see and be proud of me too! You should have seen the oven! there wasn't an inch of space in that thing! I probably had 3 pans on each shelf and I have 3 shelves in the oven. I took pictures of the finished product all baked and beautiful. But you may never see these pictures because my camera is SO ancient that the memory card is gigantic and wont fit on any of my computers! ( we have 4 of all different sizes and ages!!) I took some pics on the other cameras but everything is all wrapped up already)

"stick" with the stick

today started out as so many other days. Me screaming and yelling!! well I AM trying to NOT scream and yell so instead I have started a new parenting approach. Discipline. I know I know its as old as Adam right? Mu problem is that I am lazy....it is SO much easier to threaten and scream to get the kids to do what they are supposed to do than to speak quietly and carry a big stick. Well my stick might not be that big but I have been convicted again as of late to "stick" with the stick. So at 10:30 am, after I got back from the store and the morning chores were supposed to be done, I found to my surprise that it hadn't! SO instead of pulling out the lazy routine of "didn't I tell you...and why cant you listen.."etc etc I directed their attention to the undone chores and proceeded to explain that since they didn't finish their chores before devotions and reading, that they would be finishing them after devotions and were now grounded to "chore duty" for the rest of the day. I pulled out all of the odd and end chores from the binder that seem to get forgotten about and sent them to work. there was no yelling, I didn't even raise my voice. It was very matter of fact. A cause and effect discipline. Hopefully it was also a discipling of the children. Now I know that tomorrow I will be challenged again, and they will also be challenged. I just hope that I can remember NOT to be selfish and lazy when it comes to my children. If I love them, I will discipline them effectively.

Friday, September 10, 2010

spicy "sweet" peppers

its SO unfair!! that is the LAST time I buy seedlings from Home Depot!! I purchased several and I mean SEVERAL seedlings from HD in the spring to make up for the untimely death of over 1/2 of my babies before I could transplant them. I got butternut squash and sweet bell peppers among other things like tomatoes and other squashes. Well imagine my suprise when ALL of the squashes turned out to be zuichinni!! Not my favorite but oh well right? I hand planted some butternut and am now watching my babies grow! Imagine my dismay when after waiting for my peppers to bloom and grown and watching them emerge from their blooms, I see that they are in fact NOT sweet peppers AT ALL! I acually dont know what these tiny red and yellow peppers are but they are SO not sweet they are BIG TIME SPICY! total bummer. Now I will have to still get my peppers from Costco. My garden yeild is SO not as much as I wanted this year :0(

where does the day go?

I swear some days it seems like I woke up only minutes ago and its already time to get the kiddoes to bed! I am truely blessed by these little mess makers...they sure do keep me busy! We had aour regular bookwork today as the kids havent quite finished their summer lang arts workbooks yet. BigM is almost done with her 4th grade one (she just started 3rd!!) so way to go for her! J is plowing through his 7th grade one. and SuperT just has to keep going till she can read and write well enough to do a reading/writing during project during english time. J is still wanting to use natural learning form math, and I still want to let him! but we are just not there yet in the year. Maybe when he finishes his grade for math that he is in. There is just too much other "life" stuff going on for ME to make sure he learns something! I know eventually this year we will get to it. till then 30 minutes of bookwork everyday wont kill him! We had the best day at the park this afternoon, it was beautiful and lots of friends were there. I miss going as much as we used to, but with the other co-op classes and park days we are going to, it doesnt leave much afternoon time to hang out at the park anymore.

We made homemade pizzas tonight and I took some more time this afternoon to quaduple the batch of pizza dough and freeze em. I hope that I will get at least 2 more meals out of the frozen dough. I also recieved a donated bucket of ripe tomatoes and since I didnt have all the ingredients for homemade salsa, I made homemade spagetti sauce but I put some poblanos from the garden in them to give em some pep!

Monday, September 6, 2010

gearing up for another unschooling week

I am checking out this amazing blog..."life as a MOM" its so awesome!! She has such great ideas for organizing your cooking such as Once a month cooking for the new millenium
( this is so not your moms monthly casserole cooking) and lunch ideas for the kiddoes and easy breakfasts etc. It really get s my juices flowing but I dont know if I will EVER actually do it all. But I am sooo tired of not knowing what is for dinner each and every night, searching though the freezer to see what we have and dont have etc. I might just have to take the plunge! I know we are supposed to do some "school" this week, I am just not feeling it so we will see what happens. I am sure we will at least do some workbook stuff, and maybe we will spend the rest of the time in the kitchen. It is after all zone 2 week! Kitchen all week! Today although it was supposed to be a day of doin' nutin' DH and I ended up de mousing the dishwasher. ( yup found a live one on the glue trap...YUCK!!)thats the second one this year! Ah well we really have no one to blame but ourselves, we never did get around to closing up the holes behind the cabinets where the plumming came in. So while we were at it and just to make sure there wernt any other critters behind anything, we pulled out the fridge and the stove, cleaned behind them (double yuck), and filled the holes with that expandible stuff from Lowes! To see behind that stove you would have thought we had lived here for YEARS without cleaning! its only been about 6 months since we last pulled it out and scrubbed. geeerrooss! anywhoo, the kitchen is now rodent free once again ( hopefully it will stay that way!) Unfortunatly nothing else really got done this weekend but a lot happened! Oh well ce la vie!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

colorful pizzas

It was girls night 2nite...I decieded to make homemade pizzas but with a twist!! I know Im not the first mom to think of it and I wont be the last but it was FUN! I got out the food coloring and we all went to town! BigM picked blue LittleH used yellow SuperT tried on pink...and I mean PINK! We all colored our individual pizzas and picked a variety of toppings. I used my peach salsa YUM! I will be doing that again!!

smells like school in the air!!

Ah September! that new backpack smell! Gotta love it right?? It all seems so foreign to me now. Even my homeschool friends are starting school again for the year and breaking out all of the new packages of curriculum. The excitement is building....but will it last?

I find myself being drawn further and further away from the mainstream of homeschooling. Don't get me wrong, we still have school time and play time and we use different curriculum's pretty much every day for something or other. But the more I think of a box set of something or "doing" school, the more foreign it feels! I LOVE natural learning. Some days more than others but pretty much every day is a learning day. We don't ever "start" or "stop" learning, we don't have a summer vacation, or a spring break.

My oldest is REALLY wanting to try learning upper math using different strategies other than curriculum and I am all for that! I say GO for it!! But yet I am scared, still after so many years of natural learning and seeing the amazing results of letting my kids lead and facilitating their learning. What if he never learns geometry because we didn't get a curriculum for it?? I feel pulled. I don't want to waste his time and mine using a book that we will momentarily forget after test taking has come and gon. But I am not a math whiz, do how does one go about teaching all this heavy stuff in real world situations? Are there even real world situations for it? another day another mountain to climb. But you know what they say....the higher the mountain the better the view right??