Thursday, August 19, 2010

just going along

I realized I hadnt written down anything in a few weeks and since this blog is the only way I will ever remember what happened even yesterday, let alone what happened during a month of school, I figured I had better write something down! Oh well I am the only one reading this any so what does it matter? hehehe. Well life has finally settled back into routine around here. Public school started this week and the sense of routine and schedules is in the air once again. We have gotten back into the math and lang arts each day until the kids finish their summer workbooks. Once I reminded J that he didnt have to do any more LA after he finished the summer workbook he was thrilled into action and completed 6 pages! BigM as always LOVES workbooks so I doubt she will ever not be using one. SuperT is plodding along as usual. She is doing alright in the math and LA dept.s but not spectacular. It hink she willget it when she is ready but I am still having her meet with the education specailist with our charter school. I want to make sure we arent missing anything. We are using more manipulatives and Living math during the day for her, and using this new (to us) curriculum called " rocket phonics" that teaches sounds instead of names for letters. She is enjoying it and I am getting the hang of it as well. I just wish I could more easily figure out Al Abacus, right start math. Maybe its to concrete for my abstract mind to understand!! Oh well I am going to keep trying to get the abacus thingy and the math games becasue I think that is the key to SuperT's door. LittleH has been doing "school" a lot lately. I found my self rmembering when J was her age and there was only him and baby BigM. Oh how I used to spend about 45 min a day with him learning all the ABC's and 123's. We drilled and drilled and drilled poor kid.

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