Saturday, August 7, 2010

jammin' saturday

I just spent about 5 hours in the kitchen makin jam with the kiddoes. My kitchen looks like a fruit massacre happened in there ( it kinda did! ) I started out with plum jam and our japanese exchange student helped a lot by peeling and chopping the peaches. We made 4 batches of jam today and they turned out AWESOME. That is until the last batch anyway. i turned my back for a moment to deal with the 2 yr olds "soup" that he created with the dogs food. And in that moment my glorious beautiful yellow marmalade that was perfect in everyway...(well in my eyes anyway) went from yellow to dark brown. 4 lbs of lemons and 6 cups of white sugar down the drain. not to mention the 1 hour or so I spent of my life making it. Oh well challk it up to a learning session on how to NOT walk away from candymaking or jam making

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