Sunday, June 20, 2010

Still carless.....

Yesterday the mechanic showed up for a few hours, enough time to take apart my van's innards. They are currently strewn all over the table in the garage. At least he is generous enough to allow Big J to "assist" in the mechanics shop. I didnt even see J for those 2 hours! He was fetching tools and unscrewing "thingies" ( I know there is a technical term for those things but I have NO idea what they are) We went to a wedding yesterday, it was SO beautiful! we havent been to a wedding since OUR wedding! The munchkins stayed behind and spent the day at the neighbors birthday party. Im sure they had much more fun there then they would have had if forced to go to a wedding. But I sure had FUN! It was great to get away from teh kids for an afternoon and spend some quality time with the hubs! He sure cleans up nice too!

Today is fathers day(and our anniversary)....guess which one we are clebrating? Fathers day of course!! It homemade tacos for dinner and cute cupcakes that the kids are making. The BIG gift is a new "fancy" commuter mug for Dad, because one of the kids boke the old one....perfect huh?

So starts another carless wekk in the household. You would think iit would be cleaner and I would have gotten a lot more stuff done huh!

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