Wednesday, June 30, 2010

my baby is BACK!

Finally and shes running better than ever! Purring like a kitten! We have been rolling along with our summer workbooks. I have decided to use Rocket Phonics with super T. She is still having a tough go with reading and I'm not opposed to a curriculum when it suits me....and this time it TOTALLY suits me! I had to get a crash course in the curriculum ( It was too far above my head I guess!) I couldn't understand the sounds and blends etc. lol But it looks like something SuperT will totally get. So I am game for anything that helps my child love to learn!

On another note I found a baby blue Jay while on my morning walk. Buddy saved it from being a snack for another dog and we brought it home. The kids were so excited about feeding the fledgling and caring for it, I thought what the heck right? So off to the pet store to get some formula and a baby bird feeder. Then as I am reading all of the things you have to do for the bird to not die, my wonderful friend who is also a licenced annimal and reptile rescuer tells me that if we kkep the bird we will probably kill it for varous reasons and it might give our chickens a disease AND will become domesticated and hang out not being able to care for itself etc etc. so we gavew the baby to her to take to a rescue bird zoo or something or was an open adoption however because we will still get pictures and can visit if we want to!

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