Thursday, June 10, 2010

bad news (of sorts)

We did get some bad news (of sorts) this last week. The family fan broke down and its going to take a couple of weeks to fix, so I am out of a car until then! Grrrrr! And we were supposed to go camping this week, so instead no camping stay home. However my darling had already taken the week off! But wait!! There’s more!! He found a job that he was very interested in getting so this week he has been upstairs in the office for hours and hours working on his portfolio and resume so he can apply for this position by the weekend. So providence prevailed. The car was already acting up and I was very concerned about taking it camping and it breaking down somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Instead it broke in our driveway and our mechanic was able to come right away for a diagnostic. Its just a spark plug issue…..but it’s a BIG one! Its going to take him several hours to repair and he needed a day off from work to do it hence the wait time for repair. It seems God has truly protected us from disaster and provided time for my darling to work on his portfolio. If we had gone camping, he would have had to do it in pieces when he had the time.

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