Wednesday, June 30, 2010

my baby is BACK!

Finally and shes running better than ever! Purring like a kitten! We have been rolling along with our summer workbooks. I have decided to use Rocket Phonics with super T. She is still having a tough go with reading and I'm not opposed to a curriculum when it suits me....and this time it TOTALLY suits me! I had to get a crash course in the curriculum ( It was too far above my head I guess!) I couldn't understand the sounds and blends etc. lol But it looks like something SuperT will totally get. So I am game for anything that helps my child love to learn!

On another note I found a baby blue Jay while on my morning walk. Buddy saved it from being a snack for another dog and we brought it home. The kids were so excited about feeding the fledgling and caring for it, I thought what the heck right? So off to the pet store to get some formula and a baby bird feeder. Then as I am reading all of the things you have to do for the bird to not die, my wonderful friend who is also a licenced annimal and reptile rescuer tells me that if we kkep the bird we will probably kill it for varous reasons and it might give our chickens a disease AND will become domesticated and hang out not being able to care for itself etc etc. so we gavew the baby to her to take to a rescue bird zoo or something or was an open adoption however because we will still get pictures and can visit if we want to!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Still carless.....

Yesterday the mechanic showed up for a few hours, enough time to take apart my van's innards. They are currently strewn all over the table in the garage. At least he is generous enough to allow Big J to "assist" in the mechanics shop. I didnt even see J for those 2 hours! He was fetching tools and unscrewing "thingies" ( I know there is a technical term for those things but I have NO idea what they are) We went to a wedding yesterday, it was SO beautiful! we havent been to a wedding since OUR wedding! The munchkins stayed behind and spent the day at the neighbors birthday party. Im sure they had much more fun there then they would have had if forced to go to a wedding. But I sure had FUN! It was great to get away from teh kids for an afternoon and spend some quality time with the hubs! He sure cleans up nice too!

Today is fathers day(and our anniversary)....guess which one we are clebrating? Fathers day of course!! It homemade tacos for dinner and cute cupcakes that the kids are making. The BIG gift is a new "fancy" commuter mug for Dad, because one of the kids boke the old one....perfect huh?

So starts another carless wekk in the household. You would think iit would be cleaner and I would have gotten a lot more stuff done huh!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Big chickies!!

Our babies are getting soooo big!! I took some pics of them in the garden which is also getting soooo big! It turns out that the butternut squash I was SO looking forward to was in fact....get ready....ZUCCHINI!! I know I know be greatful for the abundance that is growing...blech...I SO am not a fan. But we shall partake joyfully anyway. Luckily I have been squirling away butternut seeds for a few months and we planted a LOT of them today, that oughta get me somewhere.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

bad news (of sorts)

We did get some bad news (of sorts) this last week. The family fan broke down and its going to take a couple of weeks to fix, so I am out of a car until then! Grrrrr! And we were supposed to go camping this week, so instead no camping stay home. However my darling had already taken the week off! But wait!! There’s more!! He found a job that he was very interested in getting so this week he has been upstairs in the office for hours and hours working on his portfolio and resume so he can apply for this position by the weekend. So providence prevailed. The car was already acting up and I was very concerned about taking it camping and it breaking down somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Instead it broke in our driveway and our mechanic was able to come right away for a diagnostic. Its just a spark plug issue…..but it’s a BIG one! Its going to take him several hours to repair and he needed a day off from work to do it hence the wait time for repair. It seems God has truly protected us from disaster and provided time for my darling to work on his portfolio. If we had gone camping, he would have had to do it in pieces when he had the time.