Wednesday, May 5, 2010

math turned into science??

Every day is a new and exciting day around here. It is rarely the same. I almost always start the day out with a stroll. (notice I said stroll NOT walk) Its more about time alone that anything. That helps me focus for the day and prioritize. But even then its fluid. Insead of the math english stuff I was thinking of this morning we made stuff out of the family fun magazine and played in the sand in the backyard. Totally worth it. Followed by lunch and game room tidy up. a fulll morning. And very rewarding.

J was reading the magazine and saw how much COOL stuff was in it. He wanted to make the DIY lava lamp and for once we had all the materials. So I said go for it! It actually turned out really cool and the girls and J learned about mass and weight from the water and oil and watched a chemical reation with the alca seltzer. Also watched the colors chnge in reation with each other and the other liquids floating in the lamp.

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