Wednesday, May 26, 2010

buzy with life...

OMgosh!!We have been super busy doing something or go to finally write something down to have proof of your existence and....well....I KNOW we have done things....

Oh well The garden has been GROWING!! I believe this is my new pet project. I really enjoy hanging out in the garden and the new backyard with the family. I find my way out there at least once a day. Super T has been reading gardening books from the lending library about how to grow flowers etc. we have planted some seedlings as well flower seeds we got from the dollar store ( yea dollar store!!) J had been focused on everything and nothing at the same time. He is currently ( and I mean this minute currently) trying desperately to finish His AWANAS book. I gave an ultimatum that he MUST finish his book before the end of the year (tonight) or we would not be able to go back again next year to the Jr. High AWANAS. He has to fulfill his end of the bargain. AWANAS isnt just about hanging out with your friends, you are supposed to be learning as well. Seems he did not feel obligated to work on his book this year. I am so hoping that he does finish because I REALLY do not want to have to live up to my end of the bargain and make him stay home :(

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

interesting week....

well it HAS been! I was sick mon and tues, now little H is under the weather. SO I have NO IDEA what the kids did monday but the garage looks like a glitter fairy exploded and there are many mobiles and weird little thingies abounding in there. I recovered enough to to laundry and the basics over the last 2 days so there isn't a mountain of house stuff waiting for me (thank you Jesus) We go the backyard finished last Friday so we have been enjoying that immensely! Big J has been grounded form T and computer AND Lego's for a week because he fibbed about chores so he could do those things. although we actually did "school" yesterday...math for all and LA for the girls, we kinda did home ec etc more so. We gardened a LOT and worked in the shed cleaned that out and then hauled all of the Christmas stuff upstairs to the attic area...where it sat till today because I was too tired to do anything else with it ( I was sick remember!!) So today we did devotions after chores and then we watched 2 hours of the story of us civil war. (it was only supposed to be an hour but it was so interesting!!)then I went on a field trip of one to the local store to pick up a NEW dishwasher!! very exciting a new stainless Maytag is currently on its way. Antoher unschooling moment will soon follow as we all learn together how to install a dishwasher and remove a really nasty one filled with icky water. wiki how anyone???

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

math turned into science??

Every day is a new and exciting day around here. It is rarely the same. I almost always start the day out with a stroll. (notice I said stroll NOT walk) Its more about time alone that anything. That helps me focus for the day and prioritize. But even then its fluid. Insead of the math english stuff I was thinking of this morning we made stuff out of the family fun magazine and played in the sand in the backyard. Totally worth it. Followed by lunch and game room tidy up. a fulll morning. And very rewarding.

J was reading the magazine and saw how much COOL stuff was in it. He wanted to make the DIY lava lamp and for once we had all the materials. So I said go for it! It actually turned out really cool and the girls and J learned about mass and weight from the water and oil and watched a chemical reation with the alca seltzer. Also watched the colors chnge in reation with each other and the other liquids floating in the lamp.