Thursday, April 22, 2010

las maraposas civil war days

Ok so without further adieu, the last Friday civil war reenactment day was TOTALLY AWESOME!! We had so much fun ad we learned so much! all of the actors were so great. They took the time to really interact with our group and answer untold thousands of questions. Just goes towards homeschoolers that they were NOT surprised that our group was so interested. They said that most of the groups with questions were the homeschooled groups! We saw the sutlers village, learned about laundry and lice. Saw how a proper lady would dress, including their underclothes! MAN you should check out the "panties" the ladies would wear. I'm so glad that I live in the present day. Thank God for Hanes Her Way. We watched the skirmish and I think the south won that one. If it wasn't for the car trouble we were (and are) still having the day would have been perfect!

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