Friday, April 9, 2010

fun casa ramirez

interesting week. very... Monday. zones, chores etc etc oh yeah and "school" stuff. Math and Lang arts for all. yippee! then, Tues basically park and home stuff. Wednesday, dentist in turlock. Thursday history we watched leo da vinci flying machines and how the states got their shapes. Friday math and lang arts. Tghats the regular version of what happened, but do you really want to hear what we did? I spent a crazy amount of time on our backyard. we all researched chickens. WE wanted to know what would be the best breed for us to have. Good layers vs cuddly feathery cute ones. Everyone has their own opinions. I told the kids I was open to ideas, they just had to be good ones! They are off making their cases right now. WE have interviewed landscapers galore, I have seen every price and idea out there for our martian landscape. Any where from 2500.00 for the whole lawn to 20,000! This was an opportune time to teach the kidlings about knocking the top and bottom bids out and weeding out from the middle.
so after deciding on a landscape company, we had to jump into gear with our raised planters for the garden. This admittedly is so my baby right now. I have spend probably untold hundreds of minutes (hours?) online "researching" beds, pricing, going to home depot to find out about wood. Trying to keep my champagne wishes and caviar dreams in line with my beer budget. Originally I figured 50 bucks outta cover it! Then I went to the store and realized how much wood is! and screws! OMG!! Plan B...Plan C... PLAN D!! even all fell through either because it was a silly plan that would never work or still to expensive. Who knew dirt cost so much!!?? I mean ITS DIRT! Its supposed to be FREE! Well in my little world it is anyway. SO finally after some god sent free lumber (yes!!) and 150.00 in 2x4's and 4x4's and screws. We are there. Well almost. I HAVE the stuff now but it hasn't been assembled yet. That will occur this weekend! I'm so exited. The landscapers will be here next week. I need to have them all done before they get here. so Sundays the limit. My babies are going in the ground! I'm going to take pics of before and after this weekend for y'all to see

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