Tuesday, April 27, 2010

landscaping and computers

My butt is numb. I have been sitting at the dining room table all day. I didn't plan on doing that. I sat down to answer some email. That was all. It is now 10:30 pm. Good news is...I answered the email! I have absolutely NO idea what the kids did today. Must have been unschooling:) There is a crafty mess in the garage...a PE mess in the backyard....a toy mess in the game room....and wii everywhere. no wonder it was so quiet! They were all occupied with stuff around the house. I got SO much stuff done! It was awesome, well except for the no lunch part and the numb butt. However the kids are happy and house is clean and I am peaceful. All is well. Oh yeah and there was math in there somewhere....I'm pretty sure they did it while I was at the DMV. But that's another story.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

las maraposas civil war days

Ok so without further adieu, the last Friday civil war reenactment day was TOTALLY AWESOME!! We had so much fun ad we learned so much! all of the actors were so great. They took the time to really interact with our group and answer untold thousands of questions. Just goes towards homeschoolers that they were NOT surprised that our group was so interested. They said that most of the groups with questions were the homeschooled groups! We saw the sutlers village, learned about laundry and lice. Saw how a proper lady would dress, including their underclothes! MAN you should check out the "panties" the ladies would wear. I'm so glad that I live in the present day. Thank God for Hanes Her Way. We watched the skirmish and I think the south won that one. If it wasn't for the car trouble we were (and are) still having the day would have been perfect!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

super crazy wednesday.

MAN haow much CAN you pack into a 15 hour day? lets all find out! Most of it was without even leaving the house so score double points for me!

so we started out the day first with a quiet walk before the insanity for me. (that is when the mob gets breakfast and does the kitchen chores supposedly:) then after I get back from the stroll we have music and devotions. Then the girls anyway did their math and Lang arts stuff and I went outside to work on the backyard. See the landscapers were SUPPOSED to come tomorrow to start on the yard I was VERY exited....too exited I guess because the inevitable calll came "sorry maam we are backed up cant come until next tuesday" waa waa whaaa. Oh well Guess I will probably have to clean up the backyard AGAIN next week.

Big M and Super T wandered out with the wonder twins as I was working out there. They helped pick up the craziness. Then We moved into the garage. Miraculously my oldest appeared as if out of a mist. (he was supposed to be upstirs doing some math) suddenly I see them ALL chasing bumble bees and captuing them in plastic tubs. They were trying to force pollination between the bees and various outdoor flowers that we have in the yard. so I ignored the fact that his math was undone. its not going anywhere but the bees are. Then he decided to get out all of his rocks from his ever increasing collection. spread them out on the driveway and started to classify and teach his 2 year old brother aqbout all the rocks he has. Izzy promtly dropped a fairly large one and turned it into 2 smaller ones! J was ok with it. He said thats how you see whats inside. so sweet.

Then we turned to the GARAGE! the bain of my existence. I think little gremlins come into it at night and move the books around and take out all the crayons and paper. Oh wait maybe its the kids? Oh well we got to work. WE had to move several shelves worth of books around to make room for yet MORE books ( thanks Poppie) Then I moved my giant and I mean GIANT file cabinet from one wall to another to make room for 2 more shelves:) This particular file cabinet has been laughing at me since we moved ( 8 months ago) I have all of the stuff IN the cabinet but not usably since everything is just shoved in there from the moving boxes.

then quick change and run over to teh dentist to get my teeth fixed. I called J becasue I forgot to put dinner in the crockpot. Instructions as follows. open bag of meatballs. dump 1/2 of bag in pot. add maranade. turn on! and voila!! we have din din! way to go J!!! add rice and a quick and tasty meal comes our way. ( thanks for the recipe patricia!)

Then it was a dash to the finish in the garage for one more hour and dinner and rush to awanas and babysitting for me. now its stime to put op my feets and relax! For tomorrow is another day!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Civil war!!!!

We are gearing up for friday. Big civil war reinactment nearby! Soooo we spent hourds on learning all about what started the BIG war! read the bio on harriet beacher stowe. Read the first 2 chapters of uncle toms cabin. The kids put together paper dolls of abrahams lincolns family and civil war soldiers and battlefields. The coolest thing was we found all of that in our library int he garage. very spur of the moment. so cool. The unschooled portion of the day was when it started hailing outside. (very unusual for this part of CA) we spent the better part of a 1/2 hour outside in it. taking pics and enjoying the moment. It was also bread day here. we needed more sandwich bread so we whipped up 3 loaves. they are currently doing their second rise and awaiting baking. This is a learning curve for all of us as I am new to breading as well.(update they came out SOOOOO GOOD! yummy!one loaf is already gone.)

Friday, April 9, 2010

fun times....at casa ramirez

interesting week. very... Monday. zones, chores etc etc oh yeah and "school" stuff. Math and Lang arts for all. yippee! then, Tues basically park and home stuff. Wednesday, dentist in turlock. Thursday history we watched leo da vinci flying machines and how the states got their shapes. Friday math and lang arts. Tghats the regular version of what happened, but do you really want to hear what we did? I spent a crazy amount of time on our backyard. we all researched chickens. WE wanted to know what would be the best breed for us to have. Good layers vs cuddly feathery cute ones. Everyone has their own opinions. I told the kids I was open to ideas, they just had to be good ones! They are off making their cases right now. WE have interviewed landscapers galore, I have seen every price and idea out there for our martian landscape. Any where from 2500.00 for the whole lawn to 20,000! This was an opportune time to teach the kidlings about knocking the top and bottom bids out and weeding out from the middle.
so after deciding on a landscape company, we had to jump into gear with our raised planters for the garden. This admittedly is so my baby right now. I have spend probably untold hundreds of minutes (hours?) online "researching" beds, pricing, going to home depot to find out about wood. Trying to keep my champagne wishes and caviar dreams in line with my beer budget. Originally I figured 50 bucks outta cover it! Then I went to the store and realized how much wood is! and screws! OMG!! Plan B...Plan C... PLAN D!! even all fell through either because it was a silly plan that would never work or still to expensive. Who knew dirt cost so much!!?? I mean ITS DIRT! Its supposed to be FREE! Well in my little world it is anyway. SO finally after some god sent free lumber (yes!!) and 150.00 in 2x4's and 4x4's and screws. We are there. Well almost. I HAVE the stuff now but it hasn't been assembled yet. That will occur this weekend! I'm so exited. The landscapers will be here next week. I need to have them all done before they get here. so Sundays the limit. My babies are going in the ground! I'm going to take pics of before and after this weekend for y'all to see

Friday, April 2, 2010

weak week??

well everyone is probably wondering "what did they DO this week?" Good question all! For one I tortured myself with diet and exercise...still 2 days to go before the big weigh in. I'm hoping to drop 3 lbs this week. I even made a chart to "help" me reach my weekly goals. we shall see. The kids on the other hand did a myriad of things this week which I am struggling to bring from the recesses of my mind. It seems we did a lot of tidying this week. lots of baking and cooking ( much to the chagrin of my diet I might add) I guess we just did regular stuff...fun stuff...life stuff! J has started paying a computer game where you are a miner in a mine or something and he's walking behind me spouting off all the different things you have to do to get such and such out of the ground. He was using all this tech jargon for at least a few minutes before my radar went off and I started asking questions like "huh? what was that? what does that mean?" etc etc. I didn't want him to know I hadn't really been listening for le last few minutes, but he was VERY exited...I'm thinking segue to ca mining history? Ya know my brain is always on the lookout for new ways to pique my kids interest ( and mine) to learning something new and different! The girls have taken up reading to one another ...so cute...and me. I started using LA workbooks with the older ones. I think it will benefit them both for the time being to help them learn more quickly what they are interested in. Just this week super T has gotten much better with her reading and is probably up to her grade level ( if we cared... which I do if it looks good for us;) Big M is only interested in keeping her nose in a book and her hand on a mixing spoon. The cookbook is coming along. This weekend we are going to make homemade Oreo cakesters! Or try to anyway! Will post to let all the people in nowhere land know how it goes!