Wednesday, March 10, 2010

unschooling reading

Its so funny I cannot get my ABC function to believe me when I tell it that unschooling is a word! Anywhoo.....My "superT" is learning to read. She is my first "unschooling" reader so far, and MAN is she perfect for it! She is pig headed and stubborn and a "bit" of a drama queen. She is 6 1/2 and a little "behind" where her siblings were at her age. She is the one who forced me to consider "maybe kids really DO learn differently?" Because we were sooooo not learning/teaching the same! For the past 3 years we fought the battle of phonics and reading as well as math and pretty much everything else! I even had her evaluated because I thought there MUST be something wrong with her! But No she is just different. The door to her mind had a key, a key that was different than the key I had. I just needed to find the right key to unlock her! Well seems unschooling really is unlocking her mind. I just let go. That's all. I gave her the reigns and let her go at her own pace. We turned reading from "school" to fun! Now BigM is teaching her to read. Shes only 12 mos older than superT but she reads like a pro already. And instead of M making T feel bad for not being smart enough etc. she is graciously and lovingly helping her sound out words and sentences. I am seeing the fruit right before my very eyes! T is LOVING reading! Its not a fight....and I managed to not kill the love of learning by forcing her when she was not ready and fighting about school, which we had started to do when she was 5. There were days where she would spend hours and hours doing busy work and crying and pouting and the power struggle between us was heart wrenching. I KNEW that God was doing a work in my heart, and that T needed me to I could help her grow. So here we are now. I'm still struggling with the key....I don't quite have it yet. I think her key might just be love and patience. But can tell you for certain... You CAN learn to read without curriculum. It is possible and likely that your child will learn to read all on their own. I now have an example right from my own house! And trust me....If superT can do it ANYONE can!

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