Tuesday, March 16, 2010

trip to see "exotic" pets....

yesterday we went to see some "exotic" pets in Ceres. I "" because the wernt so exotic as advertised but still very fun. The kids were there learning etc for over 2 hours and got some goldfish for the tank. Julie H. really did a great job with them. This is the first time I really realized that J is outgrowing a lot of this "little" kid stuff. He really was to old for this trip ;) He didn't mind though, he had a fun time anyway! The Kids learned about habitats and animals etc. Had a scavenger hunt and made mini oceans. Then we topped it off with in-n-out burger for lunch (a treat for us since we don't have one here in the big city. After all that fun we came home and got the house ready for a party that lasted late into the evening...8:30 pm ;) Today is a "school" day. More regular stuff. We pulled out the history pockets for some family stuff. did the beginning of going west. We will see how the interests hold but so far so good. Then the 2 older kids had testing from cwcs upstairs on the computer. and superT did some math. MAN she is really getting it now! I'm so glad I didn't push her before she was ready. She really likes doing math now and feels confident in her abilities. Now they are cleaning up from the lunch they made. J is still working on his testing. And the girls are contemplating the rest of the day. So many options! cooking. art play time choices choices choices. I will let you know what they decided to do!

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