Wednesday, March 24, 2010

a star filled week......

We have had star testing the last 2 makes for a whirlwind of activity! Yesterday after running higgelty piggelty everywhere we also went out of town to take superT to the far so good. Her x-rays show no damage as of yet, we go back in 2 weeks for another set of x-rays to check again. hopes and prayers are that we come off unscathed. Also today we have been running the race so much that by behind has yet to sit even to eat until just now! I am NOT a fan of days like these. Im looking forward to next week when we can get back to real life. Enjoying the company of our family AT HOME!! Everyone remind me of these words when nest week I am complaining about the noisy children climbing all over me! Oh yeah and after testing we went to the Missoula Children's theater to have a free acting class for ALL of my kids! they even let the 3 yr old participate. Very cool!

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