Wednesday, March 31, 2010

sickie poo

we are still trying to get over the yucks that we had over the weekend. The big girls are working again in their LA workbooks. Super T really likes it and needs the extra help Big M does not really need any LA program but its good for her character. :) She is already in a 4Th grade workbook and shes only in 2ND! To each their own. J had been plodding along ( and I mean plodding) in his Teaching Textbooks grade 6. He feels , and I somewhat agree, that he has "learned" fractions and should be able to go do something else. My unschoolerness totally agrees with him, BUT, the stickler mom sees that he really does not have ALL of it down and keeps making small mistakes. SO we are trying to remember all of the rules of each thing divide then multiply while reducing etc etc etc. Makes MY brain hurt! But so far the interest is still there and I don't have to pull teeth just yet. Guess we will see what to do when we get there. He still have like 60 lessons in this book before going on that's like 3 whole months! Super T is flying with her reading! She Loves it and she is OK with the fact that she cant read everything. The Drama Queen of reading had been vanquished ( for today anyway) Big M is only interested in reading and cooking. Its a bummer that she isn't that great at the later yet, or I would be out of a job!

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