Friday, March 26, 2010

Science day

WOW what a fun day! We had soooo much science stuff! I thought that most of the kits that I was saving up on the top shelf of the library were used up and missing a lot of pieces! But to my surprise only 2 had missing pieces and replacements were easily gotten. All the other parents brought science stuff and we set about getting stations ready and lunch on the table. We probably had close to 40 people here. Didn't really count heads though. There was enough everything to go around and enough different stuff for all interests. Big M was upset that she had to wait to use the perfume kit though. She didn't want to wait while others were doing electricity and magnets. Oh well to sad! Super T was the only one left outside with the dissected frog. She was in heaven! It was so cute! she cut that hing all to pieces finding both known and imagined organs. Very unschooly...

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