Monday, March 8, 2010

Im back a year later

Ok so I forgot about this blog for about a year. But I kinda like the idea of blogging our daily events. It will help me remember what the heck I did that day! So Today was monday...we had our devotions after my morning walk/quiet time. The kids got the kitchen cleaned up pretty quickly today after bfast. That made me happy as we have been working on that. Then after devotions we had monday zone chores. that went fairly smoothly and now the house no longer stinks like feet! The kids still have a daily math assignment from teaching textbooks or math u see. I would love to completely unschool but Im still a little to paranoid to let it all go. My heart says yes and my brain says wellll maybe we will see. The kids do their own thing for everything else. J wanted to build a house today but realized that we do not have all the materials hanging around for that. he adjusted to building a house on the internet instead. The girls have been working on plays for easter and brainstorming ides for a cookbook they want to make. they go back and forth about doing it together or separately. H has been working in a workbook for PK she LOVES "doing" school. I know the kids are learning this wCheck Spellingay and Im so proud of them and me for being able to let go and let God direct their learning. I am constantly reminded of his grace in their daily lives and how amazed I am that they DO learn if given the opportunity all by themselves! And when they discover something on their own they are delighted by it! It had been learned for life. Not a waisted moment in each day is my new motto. I am constantly asking myself. Is this worth the moment? Are we wasting our time with this? It really has weeded out a LOT of fluff in our days making it easier to focus on the things that REALLY matter. Faith and Family topping the list. I am daily asking myself will this help my children grow to be Godly adults? You will be surprised the amount of things that do not fall under that category.

Well back to our day. We went to the park for a while but it was freezing so we came home early. We had beans for dinner with flautas and papas. I was supposed to go to worship practice but it was cancelled ;( I am now sitting with the kiddoes watching "a world without oil" on nat geo. Its a very interesting special. It would probably make a great disaster movie! Well Im going to try and post as much as possible. And since Im like one of the few reading this blog I will see myself later!!

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