Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hike to dino point

So yesterday we all went on a hike up to pig pond. yup you heard me PIG POND Im not really sure why its called pig pond there arent pigs around just cows and its pond shaped not pig shaped. so..... anyway we went there. it was a 2 mile round trip hike with friends and you should have seen the complining!! you would have thought that we were making march like the donner party to their deaths! Little I walked most of the way uphill before requesting to be carried. Thank goodness I remembered the sling. I packpacked him for the rest of the way;>P He was pretty heavy but I did it! So could not have done that a few years ago. We got really muddy and squishy and got stalked by a bull, saw a 2 lb toad that we played with for about a that thing was HUGE! Le learned about nature by experiencing it it was sooo unschooley! yea for us! We finished it off with a great picnic. awesome day!

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