Wednesday, March 10, 2010

fans and recycling

so we got the fans upstairs installed today. It kinda messed up my plans for geniusizing the kids but oh well! We had already read from the Mystery of history and story of the world and watched a video about recycling and garbage that J was interested in. Then I got the "call" buh buh bummmmm!!!! THEY were coming! the installers. Quick.... clean!!!! they cant see how we really live!! So after a tornado of tidying up upstairs and downstairs we made it by the skin of our teeth. we only had about 15 min. So the morning of math and reading was pushed aside for fellowship with some friends and learning about fan installation. After lunch we went to the junior college to look at wildflowers they were BEAUTIFUL! then a field trip to walmart for light bulbs for the fans topped off with little ceasers for dinner cuz its wacky wednesday! Now the irchins are reading up on their AWANAS books for tonight and I am getting ready to babysit at church for the couples bible study. all in all a fruitful day! The only bummer was I was too tired to wake up in time to go on my quiet time walk. try again tomorrow!

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