Wednesday, March 17, 2010

exploding bread recipe!

well I'm sure the kids did SOMETHING today...I wouldn't know I was at a meeting for VHE most of the afternoon. I DO know that we all went on a walk this morning before I left, we made pancakes and french toast for breakfast because we ran out of bread. Then after lunch the kids tried to make banana bread from the recipe that I had quickly written down from memory. I reread it to make sure that it was correct...looked good to me so I left it out for them. Sometime later I got a phone call at my meeting "um the bread kinda exploded" is what I hear coming from the other end of the phone. When you hear something like that your mind has a tendency to BAD places. So after I went down the emergency contact list I found out that there was a goopy, sticky, banana flavored mess waiting for cleanup when I got home. At first we couldn't figure out what went wrong! I looked at the recipe and asked what they had done etc etc. Then a few hours later it dawn in a cake recipe will make it explode all over your oven!! I smell a teachable moment! ( and a little burned banana too...kinda smells like kettle corn!)

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