Thursday, March 11, 2010

the cookbook begins

well the girls started in on their cookbook today! BigM came up with the recipe. "peanut butter and chocolate freezer cookies" I think it needs some tweaking before perfection. I'm trying to teach the girls that less ingredients is sometimes better. Just because you have the ingredient in the pantry does not mean you need to use it, AND just because the ingredients are all things you like separately does not mean they work well together! I have let them go and experiment with different ingredients (even though I fell like we MAY be wasting food...which makes me kinda twitchy thinkin' about it) I realized that it is not a waste! They are learning by doing...which is kinda my mantra now. They learned tonight that you cant add extra coffee powder because you really like that flavor, it messes up the finished product. So they are going to try changing the ingredient list and remembering to USE the measuring spoons...I'm posting some pics to show all they are so cute!

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