Monday, May 4, 2009

same ol same ol

well nothing and everything has been going along just like usual. We had the fair this last week. the kids entered some art projects in and we went to see them. Been working on convention stuff for july and co-op stuff for may. The kids will be doing a presentation on their favorite celestial body next week. so they have been working on that. a lesson a day of math and spanish for all. the younger ones have been watching "plaza sesamo" every day for their spanish and J has been woking on his rosetta stone. T has been woking through a phonics book again. we are learning how to do whole lang for her because phonics isnt working but for now its better than nothing. I have been woking on my orders for next year. I really want my living math stuff! but man what a workout requesting all these books because amazon isnt a vendor I have to get all through borders or b and n. we have trudging through the mud of the early middle ages. we are up to about 1100 or so. just started the first of the crusades. We are starting the book of galations as well. good stuff!