Wednesday, April 1, 2009

a busy couple of days

monday, tues, wed....what a blur. It seems that the everyday adventures take up all our time! Between church, friends and various group activities I have barely had time to sit and breathe! I am trying not to think that we did no "school" just because we did not spend a lot of time in workbooks. But it is soooo hard to get out of that mentality. We did so much this week already! but the most important thing we did was have fun together , we learned how to be kind to others. to have a servants heart and remember that the world does not revolve around you and your needs. My kids have had some serious prayer requests put upon them this week. many good friends are have some troubles. They learned to help even when its not convenient! I lesson I could take some notes on. On a more "educational " note. J did angles and fractions on the computer. T has been learning to read via sight words. so far so good. M did a little of everything. She reads all on her own now so she is absorbed in a book most of the time. She did a few pages of addition large numbers and some large num sub. as well. they all made brownies and cookies BY THEMSELVES to give as gifts to their AWANAS leaders tonight. Add dentists appts. craft day, bible study, and a home day for dad to the mix and Id say a busy week was had by all.

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