Tuesday, April 28, 2009

and Im back

as they say if you fall off the horse you should get right back on. Sooo a few weeks later and I have a month of blogging to do for CWCS. Of course I am bound to forget some stuff. but better than nothing right? Anyway let me start with the group stuff. Im not going to go into the weekly things because my ES knows what we do every week for EXTRA CuRR. activities. WE went to sac and the discovery museum. It was about the human body. fun fun. WE also went on a nature hike and a wildflower hike. We did 4-H as well so now I will start with the ind stuff.

J- Been learning about fractions online as well as using TT grade 6 he has also been practicing long division. we are waiting to use our new living math curriculum until I can get all the necessary books. He has been plodding away daily at spanish using rosetta stone. a lesson a day and he is on to sentences already! He has been working on physics workshop and discovery. he has been making gears and pulleys. he has also been working on a piston engine. We all learned about the history of iceland and greenland and leif erricsen and the vikings and first explorers to america etc.

WE also started on midevil history and we read through matthew-john on the Crucifixion. Biblical history ties with easter. They all created sculpture with recycled materials. We have been going through little house on plum creek a little at a time. The girls have been listing to classic tales on CD at night as well as living bible stories.

M- has been doing large # addition and subtraction with borrowing and carrying she has been watching plaza sesamo every day with T and H for spanish She reads prolifically any girly book she can get her hands on. as well as some science and history magazines for kids. she especially likes the discovery kids magazine's. She has been making LOTS of books and coming up with her own story lines and illustrations. she tags along with her brother for science. but he has been reading up on Flowers and birds in the birds and blooms magazine. she recently found 2 blujays out of their nest and watched and observed them and their mother to see what mom was doing.

T-did mostly the same as M she worked on basic addition and sub and has been working on 5 sight words a week memorizing and writing them.

they all worked on a BIG craft project with the CO-OP. they made big cardboard versions of themselves and glued them on to a big board with everyone else. It turned out really neat!

Well that should be enough to fill out the monthly report with. Its only fraction of what we really did but it gives you the main idea!

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