Tuesday, March 24, 2009

testing tuesday

Well another year is almost gone. Shown by a new round of testing. STAR is upon us one more. My PSA friends laugh and point out "well WE don't have to do any of that SILLY stuff!" I agree completely. However CWCS owns my heart and pocketbook! So this week will be another eclectic learning experience.

J took his 4th grade STAR test this morning while I took the rest to church for bible study. M& T and the gang had fun with the teens during bible study and then we all came home for lunch.

Fun stuff started after lunch. We had another family over for science. impromptu of course! very cool.

We had started learning about crystals last week at 4-H so I decided to continue and grow some more today. WE pulled out ALL the rock stuff and did several experiments from the Janice Van Cleave rocks and minerals book. Watched a egg disappear in vinegar. Showed how an acid can dissolve calcium. Made Bubbles that showed how crystals form. Did a model of a salt crystal. and of course made salt crystal snowflakes and sugar crystal candy.

Big science and testing day for all.

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