Thursday, March 26, 2009

fun, fun, testing.

last day of STAR for J. only took an hour. have NO IDEA what he tested on. Sick Kids + Messy House = one day of nothing but cleaning @ home. only took about an hour to get things back to normal. kids felt better by lunch so we all went to the park for a few hours followed by my dentist appt and thursday night bible study. What did they learn today????? Humm I know they learned how to be good and quiet ALL % OF THEM! in a small waiting room by themselves for an HOUR while I got my fake tooth put on. Amazing they were if I do say so myself! And then J had extra home duties today because of my schedule. he had to empty and fill the dishwasher while I was gone as well as get I and H put to bed. Way to go J! What an awesome kid Ive got. They all did really great in the helper dept. today. lots and lots of home ec. brownies as a reward.

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