Friday, March 20, 2009

every day is a winding road...

well. I figured I should start blogging since everyone else is doing it. Im going to use this tool to journal my kids activities for our school. That way when my ES asks what have they been up to. I can actually SHOW her!

for instance. Today was a "typical" unschool day in our house. J made breakfast. Choc. pancakes and fried eggs with toast. Then learned he must also clean up said breakfast after cooking. as always I asked him, " do you think tiny fairies do it after mom makes bfast?" I clean and so shall you my son. Took AN HOUR for the three of them to get the kitchen clean. maybe I shouldn't expect more from a 5, 6, and 10 yr old. but COME ON GUYS! seriously!

then we FINALLY got down to devotionals (devo's) I cant seem to find our prayer lists or box. Or our prayer postcars since the move. so we winged it again. Studied 2 cor ch 9 I believe ( should remember since I'm the one reading it) and our mystery of history (m o h) chapter 49 on the song dynasty of china. Kids then decided to make paper money and coins from that chapter. some more realistic than others.

Then we had a "field trip" to target for garbage bags. Followed by a trip to the new jack in the box for 1 menu burgers. a trip to the park and home again for chores and dinner. not as much as I usually pack into a day of learnin' but ok for today.

kids did a LOT of home ec I guess.

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