Friday, March 27, 2009

fun fun friday....

welllllllll......what did we do today huh. not much I can say. J helped install a new dishwasher. We went to homeschool park day for a bit. J wanted to go camping with some friends but that didnt pan out maybe tomorrow. We went to visit a friend who just had a baby. and had a chat.
J, M and T made a cake for dessert. Im sure there was plenty else just cant seem to remember it anyhow. The day seemed to fly by . But not much to show for it except cranky babies and a messy living room.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

fun, fun, testing.

last day of STAR for J. only took an hour. have NO IDEA what he tested on. Sick Kids + Messy House = one day of nothing but cleaning @ home. only took about an hour to get things back to normal. kids felt better by lunch so we all went to the park for a few hours followed by my dentist appt and thursday night bible study. What did they learn today????? Humm I know they learned how to be good and quiet ALL % OF THEM! in a small waiting room by themselves for an HOUR while I got my fake tooth put on. Amazing they were if I do say so myself! And then J had extra home duties today because of my schedule. he had to empty and fill the dishwasher while I was gone as well as get I and H put to bed. Way to go J! What an awesome kid Ive got. They all did really great in the helper dept. today. lots and lots of home ec. brownies as a reward.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

testing tuesday

Well another year is almost gone. Shown by a new round of testing. STAR is upon us one more. My PSA friends laugh and point out "well WE don't have to do any of that SILLY stuff!" I agree completely. However CWCS owns my heart and pocketbook! So this week will be another eclectic learning experience.

J took his 4th grade STAR test this morning while I took the rest to church for bible study. M& T and the gang had fun with the teens during bible study and then we all came home for lunch.

Fun stuff started after lunch. We had another family over for science. impromptu of course! very cool.

We had started learning about crystals last week at 4-H so I decided to continue and grow some more today. WE pulled out ALL the rock stuff and did several experiments from the Janice Van Cleave rocks and minerals book. Watched a egg disappear in vinegar. Showed how an acid can dissolve calcium. Made Bubbles that showed how crystals form. Did a model of a salt crystal. and of course made salt crystal snowflakes and sugar crystal candy.

Big science and testing day for all.

Monday, March 23, 2009

just another manic monday

well as usual we always have grand plans for the week on Monday. Get everything clean from the weekend. be amazing unschoolers for the week. learn all there is to learn and be better people for it. And as usual cannot fit ALL of that into any given day. Oh well all's well that end's well!

Today got off to a BANG with waking up about half hour later that I wanted to. as did all of the kids and hubby. Maybe I just need to change my schedule to fit in with a later start huh?
M decided yesterday that she wanted to make bfast. scrambled eggs and Cinnamon toast for all. After cleanup came devos and bible. With a segue to find the right chapter in the bible for the lords prayer to see which kid was right. Does it read sins, trespasses or something else? turns out it depends on the version!

After was Monday chores. thanks flylady! kids thank her too! yeah right! then we learned about St. Simeon from MoH, good lesson! faith that could REALLY move a mountain! The kids were still into china from last week. So we pulled the DK eyewitness book about china out and read through that. learned about the song dynasty inventions. compass, earthquake monitor, paper, and printing press to name a few.

then we discovered a really cool website about kids geography.

watched a few of the videos will watch more tomorrow. learned where the biggest quicksand is, the longest waterfall and the space one is REALLY cool!

undersea volcanoes
planet earth views from space
angel falls Venezuela

j did lesson 92 TT 5 adding and subtracting fractions. Were are working on getting some living math books to use more of instead of TT math but until I can get them I will stick with that. Its better than nothing.

m did lesson 16F in m.u.s. adding and sub mult digit numbers and word problems.
t did lesson 9A in m.u.s. basic addition.

j did 2 lessons in Spanish unit 1 lesson 1 and 2 sentence vocab.

all went to park for 1 hour and then to music class at EVFree. check it out!

not bad for a Monday! cant wait to see what happens tomorrow!

Friday, March 20, 2009

living math yahoo group

check this group out is GREAT!

every day is a winding road...

well. I figured I should start blogging since everyone else is doing it. Im going to use this tool to journal my kids activities for our school. That way when my ES asks what have they been up to. I can actually SHOW her!

for instance. Today was a "typical" unschool day in our house. J made breakfast. Choc. pancakes and fried eggs with toast. Then learned he must also clean up said breakfast after cooking. as always I asked him, " do you think tiny fairies do it after mom makes bfast?" I clean and so shall you my son. Took AN HOUR for the three of them to get the kitchen clean. maybe I shouldn't expect more from a 5, 6, and 10 yr old. but COME ON GUYS! seriously!

then we FINALLY got down to devotionals (devo's) I cant seem to find our prayer lists or box. Or our prayer postcars since the move. so we winged it again. Studied 2 cor ch 9 I believe ( should remember since I'm the one reading it) and our mystery of history (m o h) chapter 49 on the song dynasty of china. Kids then decided to make paper money and coins from that chapter. some more realistic than others.

Then we had a "field trip" to target for garbage bags. Followed by a trip to the new jack in the box for 1 menu burgers. a trip to the park and home again for chores and dinner. not as much as I usually pack into a day of learnin' but ok for today.

kids did a LOT of home ec I guess.